Efficient storage is achieved in your boats after winterization

For most of us, indoor storage is not even an option it's either not available or not affordable. Our choices come down to hauling the boat out and storing it on the hard, or leaving it in its slip in the water. While storage in the water lets you use your boat during warm spells and gets you out on the water earlier next spring, keeping boats out of the water reduces the chance of damage from a number of different causes including

  • Boats sinks if the owners don’t regularly visit boats which are in water, they may become vulnerable to the slow failure of a small underwater fitting that might have been noticed and fixed
  • Storage ashore may be less expensive over the life of a boat because a hull that gets the chance to dry out for several months each winter is less likely to develop blisters than a hull that remains in the water.
  • Boats stored in gated or patrolled facilities are much less likely to be stolen.
  • Storm damage may occur due to the rise and fall in water level, high winds, and torrential rains that accompany strong winter storms.

A boat is less likely to sustain damage in the short and the long run if left for long periods on land rather than in the water. On the other hand, since water retains heat longer than air, boats surrounded by air are more vulnerable to a sudden freeze than boats surrounded by water. Boats kept ashore must be winterized, and it must be done earlier than if they were in the water because dropping temperatures will affect them sooner.

Fresh water expands in volume by about nine percent when it freezes and can push outwards with a force of tens of thousands of pounds per square inch. That expansion can crack an engine block, damage fiberglass, split hoses, or destroy a refrigeration system overnight. Our professionals are well trained and experienced in boat shrink wrapping process. Shrink wrapper offer a high level of safety to your boat and also it is secure to use on your boats. By the use of loose fitting covers you track the risk of scratching and dripping which could possibly cut, stain, or damage your protected object.