Protect your boats by effective Shrink wrapping services

We offer shrink wraps which is a polyethylene with UV inhibitors and is formulated to shrink when heated to create a seal that is much tighter. This seal effectively keeps the weather out of your boat and prevents stretching, tearing tarps. The boats are effectively needed to be shrink wrapped since winter can harm the outside of the boat. Hence we offer shrink wrapping for your boats that add a layer of armor for your boat’s protection. Most of those who don’t winterize, or don’t winterize properly, only find out something is wrong in the spring when brown froth starts spewing through a crack in the side of the engine block or what looks like chocolate milk appears on the dipstick. Repairing freeze damage takes time and all too often involves a complete engine replacement. By the time the boat is in working order, a good part of the boating season will have been lost. Winterizing most boats takes from an hour to a day. Unless you are located in Hawaii or the Florida Keys, we recommend winterizing your engine if you will be laying up the boat for even a few weeks to minimize the chances that a sudden freeze will put it out of commission next season.

Boat winterization for the safety of boats against low temperatures

Winterizing your boat takes from an hour to a day. We winterize boat engines by adding fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment to fuel. Then we replace filters on engine. We initially measure the area to be wrapped. The shrink wrap will need to cover the entire top of the boat, including extra height for windshields and other protrusions down to an area on the hull below the rub rail.