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Shrink wrap and its effective wraps to cover the boats

Shrink wrapping your boats adds an extra layer of protection to keep the moisture, pests, and damaging winds or storms away from your boat’s interior as well as exterior.

its exposure duration to different elements and the amount of durability. This shrink wrap is mainly used in winter season to shelter the boat in storage or on the lift. We winterize your boat engine for a few weeks in order to minimize the chances of sudden freeze. We shrink wrap your boat in a well-ventilated area because of the chemicals that will be released during the shrink wrapping process. We then apply the shrink wrap film to the boat, starting from the top and working your way down to the hull, first on one side and then on the other. Then we apply belly bands which are straps that wrap around the boat, keeping the shrink wrap film tight. This allows for a tighter seal when the shrink wrap process is complete. We heat the wrap on the top of the boat. We are very careful while shrink wrapping around corners and on any objects that protrude because of a higher risk of tearing in these areas. We check for holes, if present, we repair holes with shrink wrap tape.

boat shrink winterization

Winterize your boats often to avoid damages caused by climatic conditions

The shrink wrap will need to cover the entire top of the boat, including extra height for windshields and other protrusions down to an area on the hull below the rub rail. Winterizing means draining any water aboard or replacing it with enough of the right kind of antifreeze to protect against the lowest temperatures your boat might experience. Our shrink wrap services are always properly installed and can last for several years. They provide waterproof, hassle free protection to your valuables, and shrink wrap with UV inhibitors can save your valuables from unnecessary damage from UV light.

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    Any size boat from a jet ski to your largest yachts can be shrink wrapped at their location. While winter layup lists can run to several pages and take a month of Sundays to complete,

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    many of those lists include maintenance and cosmetic items that, while nice, don’t make it any more likely your boat will get through the winter unscathed.

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    Even if we have the best of intentions in September when we put together our fall work list for the boat, life tends to get in the way, and all too often we find ourselves

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    Rushing to the boat the weekend before a hard freeze is forecast. At that point, all we have time for are the essentials that will protect our boat from damage.

boat shrink winterization
Boat shrink wrapper with stand extreme weather and hence it covers all the equipment of my boat, so did not allow snow to enter inside the boat. - Albert Einstein
boat shrink winterization
I received the best possible care for my boats and it encouraged me, they use the reusable covers and hence recycling is carried out efficiently. - Elizabeth

High excellence in boats shrinks wrapping by our experienced professionals

When it is time to winterize your boat for the season or you are planning to ship your boat to a new location, you may want to consider using marine shrink wrap to keep the boat in top condition until it is ready to use on the water again.

We service lower unit to ensure that it do not contain any contaminants like water, metal. We change the lower unit lubricant, remove the propeller and re-grease the shaft followed by rear oil seal inspection. Winterizing your boat means draining any water aboard or replacing it with perfect kind of antifreeze for offering the protection of boats against the lowest temperatures

During winter fresh water expands in volume as it freezes which will push boat outwards with a greater force. This expansion can crack engine block, split hoses, damage fiberglass or destroy refrigeration system. Repairing freeze damage takes longer to finish and involves a complete engine replacement. Hence winterizing your boat is the best option.